Thursday, August 9, 2012

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This Is Probably As Good As You Can Look For Getting Shit-Faced And Passing Out On An Airport X-Ray Conveyor Belt

There's drunk and then there's somehow sneaking past the TSA, hopping on the X-Ray machine, passing out, and getting arrested when you pop out the other side drunk. That's some next level, wood-grain, blinding alcohol type of non-sense.

Double props for having some mangled, disgusting organs too. Dude's literally dead on the inside so it's no surprise that he's living everyday like it's his last. Who am I to knock a bucket list task? Some people want to see the world and some people buy a boarding pass, slug back some rubbing alcohol and a box of Ambien and see what happens.

Shout out to the security too. You can't make me feel any safer than letting a blacked out pygmy nap on the conveyor belt while you pat my balls and tell me I can't bring deodorant on the flight. Bang up job, guys.

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