Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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"F-Bomb", "Sexting", And "Mash-Up" Officially Added To Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Merriam and Webster must be turning in their grave right now and the Mayans are probably right. Flimsy doesn't even begin to describe how flimsy this idea is. Here's WMD's analysis of how we're screwed as a society:

"F-Bomb": I guess you can never have too many connotations of "fuck" in the dictionary, right? Sweet Queen Coretta, this is bad. Indian kids in the year 2045 will be asking Spelling Bee judges to use F-Bomb in a sentence. We're f-bombed people.

"Sexting": Dick pics. Mirrored boob shots. Insecure ass poppage. That's what sexting is and they BETTER use my definition for it. I know this is going to make me sound old, but are kids really getting x-rated pics all day erryday? Is T&A being hustled around the playground like Pokemon cards? If I have a daughter, it's undoubtedly a wrap for her.

"Mash-Up": God dammit. This one is the most frustrating. The others are irresponsible, but this one is just lazy and legitimately stupid. Did we really need this hyphenated idea to actually be defined? I just can't get behind a word that gives Girltalk dictionary-esque credibility.

We in trouble, ya'll.

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