Thursday, August 16, 2012

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The "Expendables 3" Poster Looks About Right

Love how this movie didn't change the plot, added Chuck Norris (who is 72?!) and is somehow going to gross 600 million dollars worldwide. Sly Stallone is just attacking the shit out of the meathead US populous.

And we all know how "Expendables 2" is going to end. No one of importance in the main cast will die and they will win the battle through incredible odds. That's easy. The hard part is determining what remaining Hollywood badasses and fringe badasses remain after the dust literally settles. Fuck it, throw Lautner in there. Plop Christopher Walken's creepy ass on screen for a second. Have Quentin Tarantino's face scare filter out the small children that weren't supposed to be there anyway. It's Sly's canvas and we're just watching a really weird painting.

Couldn't they sneak me in there? I've been hittin' the gym a few times a week and we all know I'm the 64,349th ranked blogger worldwide. Almost seems like a no-brainer. At least have me explode via rocket launcher or something. If WMD can't get me in The Expendables cast, what's the point really?

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