Monday, August 13, 2012

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Eff What You Heard: Tuesdays Are Way Worse Than Mondays

We get it everyone, Mondays aren't a good time. The weekend ended, everything sucks, and your life might as well be over. I fucking get it. Well folks, I hope you're sitting down because I have some startling news for you...

Tuesdays are much, much worse than Mondays.

Despite what Facebook and Twitter tell you, Mondays aren't that bad. Everyone just thinks they partied harder than they will ever party again. Newsflash, you're going back to that same bar next week, ordering the same drinks, and hitting on the same people. Wait 4 days and you can do it again. Plus you're riding high from a relaxing Sunday. If you got "wild" during the weekend, chances are you were too hungover to do anything except order a pizza and watch On-Demand all day. Doesn't really sound too strenuous. And NO one shows up to work on time on Monday. It's basically the day you're supposed to fuck up and lose the company money. The problem with Tuesday is that it's the complete opposite AND represents zero hope.

Tuesdays are an absolute dead zone. The purgatory of days. Nestled right between Monday and Wednesday, you literally have nothing to keep you moving and nothing to look forward too. Like yeah, you made lasagna on Monday and maybe you watched whatever was on NBC, but you didn't really do anything. And Wednesday is, well, Wednesday. How can you not be depressed? Hell, I'm struggling to even keep this post together without tearing up.

So everyone should chill out with the "Ugh, Monday already?!" statuses and get a little creative. Maybe wake up tomorrow, realize how right I am, and throw up a "Ughz, Tuesday?!", because that's incredibly creative.