Friday, August 17, 2012

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Anyone Else Play "Scramble With Friends" Differently In Different Settings?

Ah, Scramble With Friends. The best time waster since...Word With Friends. Throughout my day I probably play between 5-10 times, each in different settings. Because I moonlight as an amateur social psychologist, I fake wrote down my findings of every scenario that I play the game in and how I perform. Here are those fake, made-up, fabricated findings that I am thinking of on the fly:

On the train: Under duress. Crowd watching. Restricted hand movement. That's the name of the game on the train. My brain isn't functioning when I have a morbidly obese woman leaned up against my hip and a baby crying two feet away. If anything, I just have to let a few larger words go by the wayside to prevent accidentally sticking my finger up another persons butt. Very precautionary and my least favorite.

Work bathroom: Easily my most effective. Quiet, serene, and comfortable temperatures make this location a nightmare for whoever I'm playing. Once the "deed" is done, you best believe I have nothing to focus on other than going HAM on trademark infringed Boggle. Win tons of games on the toilet. (FYI, if you see me put up over 100 words, I'm in the bathroom)

Home on the couch: Scramble sucks when I'm home. The game becomes infinitely worse when you leave the treachery that is the work day. My motivation is extremely low and I lose a TON of games when I play the final round at home, because I simply don't care. Motherfucker, I have a Playstation and an HDTV, what kind of maniac would play a phone game in those conditions.

Right before bed: Similar to the toilet, but with zero, um..distractions. Probably my most dangerous Scramble mode. If I'm not sleeping, blogging, or looking up VERY WEIRD things on the internet, you can best believe I am in hyper vigilent ready to drop coins on all sorts of hoes. They happen very rarely though, because as I have said, Scramble is virtually unplayable at home unless you're in the bathroom.

It's Friday, why did you just read a post about me playing Scramble with Friends on the toilet? Go have a drink and enjoy the weekend.

PS. My username is DubJ1023. Get at me.

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