Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Steroid Beer Is Gonna Be A Problem

"Never Mind the Anabolics" is the cockiest name that a beer chock-full of anabolic steroids can have. Just proud of the fact that their beer is banned anywhere that requires a piss test. While everything at the bar can be considered "bad", steroid beer is flat out irresponsible.

Can you imagine how many people will be mindlessly beaten to all shit? The answer is everyone. Even meek dudes like myself might slam a dude or two's head onto the table after a few bottles of NMtA. Hell, everything will be ramped up a bit. Standard bar fights will turn into criminal cases involving words like "maimed" and "severed." Situations where one guy looks at another guy's girl may result in 2-3 hour headlocks. And the world will be filled with large bicep'd guys with beer guts. A bunch of alien looking dudes. This ain't progress America.

With all that said, you best believe I'll be on a strict diet of NMtA and watching TV come 2016 to get myself together for the next Olympics. Don't know what sport I'm going to try yet, but I do know I'm going to be so jacked and ball shriveled that it won't even matter.

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