Friday, August 10, 2012

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Haven't Formed An Opinion On The Slow Loris Yet

Just a weird fucking animal. Some random human features mixed with rat-like features and anime eyes. Plus my man was just carrying a fork. No idea why or if he actually knows how to use it, but that really unsettled me.

-Kinda cute
-Makes hilarious expressions
-Loves rice?
-Has a tiny human hand
-Can survive in a bowl with no natural light
-You can name it anything you want and not feel bad
-For example: Dexter or Octavian

-Kinda gross
-No idea what it's thinking
-I'd venture a guess and say they probably don't live long
-They don't seem very efficient
-"Urgency" is not the word
-That hand

Jury is out, but I think I need to own one for like 4 days to be sure. Anyone out there that owns one of these things and has blind trust that their favorite blogger won't kill it? If so, hit me up at

Just kidding, I'll 100% unintentionally kill it.

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