Monday, March 25, 2013

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Allen Iverson Is Stuck In 1998 And I'm Completely Fine With It

First things first, fucking Tyga, man.  Hate him.  With that out of the way, let's talk about AI for a second.  The man has hit some very hard times.  Every other day there is a news story about him evading the IRS, disputing Las Vegas casino charges and divorcing his wife.  It's all pretty sad stuff really.  While all of this information can't be completely confirmed or verified, one thing is for certain:  Allen Iverson thinks it's 1998.

1) The Fitted:
I still own a fitted, but I only wear it when that team plays a game.  I'm a shell of myself, but I'm a man of the times.  I saw the writing on the wall and knew fitteds were on their way out.  AI didn't.

2) Large White Tee:
Still swimmin' in his shirt like it ain't no thang.  Again I had these shirts too, but like most urban-fashionistas, I knew when it was time to get out.  AI went from 6x to 3x.  Progress.

3) The Answers
Allen is in some seriously alarming denial here.  These were some ugly ass shoes that were made strictly of plastic and the tears of poor labor workers.  Stubbornness continues to prevail.  AI leads the league in "Sir, you're unable to enter this club with sneakers on" post retirement from the NBA.

the worst fucking sneakers of all time.