Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Round 1 Match-Ups: Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs. Darkwing Duck

First match in the long awaited Theme Song madness and  we have a doozy on our hands here.  Can Darkwing Duck do the impossible and knock off The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?  Probably not, but for shits and giggles (weird phrase, right?), Let's. Get. Dangerous.

With such a classic line like: "When there's trouble, you call D-W" you can imagine Darkwing putting up a fight for like 8 minutes:

Pretty real situation.  I've always wanted my arch-nemesis to be someone dressed exactly like me but with different colored clothes.  And obviously this guy:
was pretty sinister.

Butttt there are videos like this: 
that let you realize why this:

is the easy favorite to win this entire tournament.

Will sprayed spray paint in his underarms for us.  That was so important.  And this might be the most known rap song in history for white people.  That's also important.  Bridges gaps and even your Mom knows the words.

Final Score:  Fresh Prince 89 - Darkwing Duck 66

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