Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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I Added A Paypal Donation Button. Wanna Click It?

We're approaching year four of the blog.  Crazy, right?  While that factoid simultaneously makes me feel proud and depressed, it really has been an enjoyable ride.  I truly love doing this shit.  

"What do you mean by 'this shit', Dub?"

This shit is exactly what it looks like.  In-depth, Calculated, Fact-based, Lazy internet research to write funny blurbs to help people get through work/school/taking a dump.  Over 1900 posts and over 1 million total views.  It really is insane.  And to think that this thing started when all of my college roommates tried to stay in touch via email and one of them suggested that I turn my emails into a blog.  But enough rambling, we trying to get paid in this bitch!

I added a Paypal donation button on the right side of the page.  It's kind of a big deal because I never went for money on this thing until recently when I have put ads up.  I very much appreciate the ad clicks, they are definitely helping.  While I don't need the money, I do see WMD as a second job.  Despite all the nonsense that I say, I work pretty hard on it and try to make sure everything is good enough for everyone's humor palette, proofreading aside.

I know we're technically still "in a recession", but I'm not asking for a lot.  $1 a week.  Actually, that's insulting.  Make it $1.50, or if you're feeling like the Loch Ness monster, you can donate $3.50.  The world is your oyster.  Any of my high rolling friends that read this daily could even donate $5.  Who knows?  I don't.  I'd just be grateful for anything.  No pressure to donate either.  I was able to go 4 years without even thinking about making money from this thing, so if you ain't got the funds, I'm cool with it.

Guilt Trip Time:  Things that you spend $1 on

-McDoubles, or is that just me still?
-Strippers - I know a ton of creeps read this blog.  I ain't mad atcha
-Tips for awful bartenders that got your drink order wrong
-Homeless people?
-Sometimes you accidentally drop a dollar
-One of you also accidentally bought a Black Eyed Peas album.  Jesus
-Someone else that you like a lot less than me

Also, some of you have mentioned that you'd like to have a beer with me.  Well let's have one.  Send me a .gif  of a person drinking a beer when you send your donation.  It'll be crazy intimate.


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