Thursday, March 14, 2013

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The Desperation That My Grocery Store Is Displaying Trying To Sell This TV Is Awe-Inspiring

There is nothing more brash than coming out and saying, "Hey, I know you just picked up cat food and some grapes, but do ya'll motherfuckers want a TV too?!"  Some next level audacity.

Keep in mind, this TV was $149 about 3 months ago. So a "committee" had to have a meeting to discuss what direction they were going to take with their elephant-in-the-room 19-inch flat screen televisions.  Questions like, "Should we put them near the tampons or the bug spray?" were probably presented.  If you're really quiet, you can probably hear American capitalism and pricing strategy trying to kill itself outside of your window.

Let's talk Proscan for a second.  Is this the biggest underdog story in the history of stories?  When you're out here unable to acquire a position in the back corner of Radioshack, you need to reevaluate whether you want to stay in business.  But they persevered and kept on chugging.  Who knows if this is the end of Proscan or if some foreign company wants to take an extreme gamble on a 99 (not 100) dollar tv.


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