Friday, March 15, 2013

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"Penis Stealing" On The Rise In Africa

Africa desperately needs some good PR.  All I hear about is hunger, wars, penis stealing, and disease.  Wait, penis stealing?  How did that get in there?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  People are fucking stealing dicks in Africa for the organ trade now.

As far as diabolical things go, I think "stealing" a dude's penis might be ranked number 1A.  I put stealing in quotes because that shit doesn't make an ounce of sense to me since my penis alerts me of the slightest shift in air pressure.  No way you can slyly unhinge a man's member from him without there being some conflict.  And what is the market for another guy's dong?  How much is mine worth?  All very important questions.

Well if there wasn't enough that we had to worry about out there, make sure you hold onto your penises gentlemen and make sure it's accounted for at all times.

PS. For the record, I hope mine is worth >$85.