Monday, March 11, 2013

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Theme Song Madness Begins!

Does it look like dog shit?  Absolutely.  But it's done.  The wildly overrated and controversial bracket has been completed.  Sure you may be upset at some of the seedings, but this blog is bred from a God complex and these are my Top 16 theme songs.

We will get into it throughout the week, but let's discuss some intriguing first round match-ups.

Three "games" I'm super excited for:

4) Ducktales vs. 5) Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

- I may pop a blood vessel picking this one.  I won't be able to live with  myself regardless of whatever choice that I make.

3) Salute Your Shorts vs. 6) Friday Night Lights

-I played the FNL theme song a minute ago and almost started crying.  Upset city.  Donkey Lips needs to put up numbers if they want to advance.

2) Pokemon vs. Tiny Toons Adventures

This will just be a fun game.  Lots of star power on both sides, but Tiny Toons have been known to slack on the defensive end.

PS. Hey girlfriend, don't break up with me after this.  Thanks.

PPS.  Took everything in my soul not to choose this song, but I think I was the only person that watched this show ever:

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