Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Looks Like "Hostgator Dotcom" Finally Wants His Face Tats Removed

If there was ever a "Oh shit, I have tattoos all over my face and body" realization I could have watched in real-time, it would have been this one.  It has to be difficult walking out into society with off-brand pornography websites on your face.  But hey, people grow up.  One day I bought a dresser and threw away my plastic bins.  Hostgator decided that Hostgator Dotcom is a fucking ridiculous moniker and that he needed to turn his life around.  Same things really.

I mean, one night I had a few drinks and wore this outfit:

You don't think I woke up the next day and said, "Shit, why is the boa in the toilet?  I have to change things up in my life."?  Well I didn't because it was college, but I wish I did.  So change your life Hostgator and get Minka's bootleg-ass porn site off your forehead so you have visiting privileges to see your children again.