Monday, July 12, 2010

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Can't Have A Dog Video Without A Cat Video

So I own a cat and a turtle. Both unfortunately on their way out and this is strangely the interaction I forced upon them. My cat almost completely mirrors my personality, so he was not really feelin' what my turtle was offering. Turtle was just trying to get involved and bridge the gap between the king of the land and the king of the sea. This translates to a young Jeezy locking both in the bathroom and forcing their interaction. Once both realized they were screwed and had no real chance of escape, they gave it a go. My cat ended up on top of the ceiling somehow with the turtle completely meeting the turtle-stereotype struggling upside down on his shell. Lackluster performance by both Leonardo and Garfield..

You guys decide which was named which.

PS. I was not a creative child.

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