Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Looks Like I'm About To Kick The Bucket

^I'm the one that's upside down and dying from direct contact with a fireball.

Looks like my life is winding down. Went to bed last night and straight up assumed I wasn't going to wake up today. It was simply too hot. My life flashed before my eyes and everything. I saw 4 year old Dub Jeezy recording the international smash hit, "I'm Peeing" on his tape recorder (it literally was just me spitting nonsense while using the bathroom), 12 year old Dub killing it at freeze tag, and 21 year old me regretfully opening up blogger.com and starting a blog. Pretty awesome life if you ask me.

Things are looking especially grim with this heat today though. I know it's not a ballerific trait to complain, but DAMN. I've been consistently hallucinating and seeing mirages since Saturday. Granted, some of that can be the steady combo of Four Lokos, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and Busch Light, but either way, seeing shit is rarely good. Last night I could have sworn that my fan stared at me, shook it's head, unplugged itself, and then jumped out the window. Made me think I was in some alternate reality or something where normal day temperatures top out in the mid to high 300s of whatever the HELL(emphasis on hell) it is outside.

What I'm trying to say is..it's been a good run. Psych. It's been a marginally terrible run, but a run nonetheless. When my body inevitably disintegrates into the sky, please just make sure "Dub Cheesy" is included somewhere on my Tombstone.

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