Monday, July 26, 2010

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It's Becoming Harder And Hard To Find A Pretty Girl That Is Also Smart

EMBED-Model Falls Through Runway - Watch more free videos

There is a lot of unexplainable shit going on in this video that I will just refrain from getting into. Ok, I will. What in God's name was that samurai mofo doing in the beginning of that. I've been to a TON of high-end fashion shows (?) and this was never on the menu. Plus he fell extremely hard. I still don't know if that was a joke or not. Or if that guy was even supposed to be there. Maybe he was just some drunken spectator who decided to take out his machetes and terrorize the crowd? I don't know.

Listen chick, I am SURE there was some clamor in the back about some wild ninja type dude that stormed the stage slicin'and dicin' who inevitably broke a model-sized hole in the walkway. Sure of it. No way that doesn't make it to the dressing room. Where is her coach on this? Rex Ryan needs to come out and give her the simple direction, "Just avoid that conveniently you-sized hole in the walkway created by some Purple Drank drankin' bushido blade dude and you will be fine."

Just people dropping the ball left in right.

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