Thursday, July 29, 2010

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I Know What You're Thinking...This Kid's Awesome Right?

If it wasn't the Turbo-Nintendo controller bling around his neck, it had to be the Power Glove that did it for you. I almost feel like this is an I-Spy for all things Nintendo. Just taking me back to the days where my parents wouldn't buy me those unnecessary accessories. I PROMISE you that I am going to hug those two birth-givers so damn hard because they didn't allow me to end up like this kid.

All seriousness, who took this picture? I know a parent didn't do it because they would have been stricken with disappointment, so it had to be a friend I guess. This is wrong as fuck if this was taken by a friend. About the equivalent of letting a friend drive hammered through a field of trees. Actually the exact equivalent. Ehh, maybe worse.

So the question is: is this kid dead yet? I'm pretty sure he's floating somewhere in some strange river OD'd off of Flintstones vitamins. Sorry nerd-dude.

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