Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Offer Is On The Table, LeBron

In light of the chaos that's about to ensue this NBA offseason, I figure it's only appropriate for me to draw up a proposal for LeBron James to consider working under WMD. Every NBA organization has to be throwing some kind of offer towards the 2X MVP, so why not get in on the action. Without further ado, my pitch to King James.

LeBron, as an entry level young professional, I'd be willing to offer an unpaid internship with a potential salary later to be determined within the next two years.  Can't promise the best health insurance or dental plan, but the work environment is better than sub-par.

Before we continue, it's vital for you to be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Get familiar with blogger templates and draft up a few design ideas. We're highly aware of your marketing capabilities. Social media would be you're biggest focus. LBJ@WMD facebook, twitter, squidoo, the works. Overtime work will consist of accompanying Dub Jeezy and I around at the bars to give us a better chance at the females. Take it or leave it.


Working Man's Diary Corporation

But honestly though, if I was a multi-billionaire why not offer one of these mega-free agents a max+ contract to take care of my busy work for fun. Carlos Boozer - would you mind faxing this over for me? Thanks bud. Yo D-Wade - what's good with lunch? Dirk - on your way out can you grab me a case of beer...much appreciated. Just another reason why the world is better off while I still have no money.

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