Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Wonder Woman Sucks Now

As much as I didn't read comic books or relate myself to Wonder Woman in any way, I have to admit I was surprisingly crushed with this huge costume change. Weird or not, the old costume was pretty sexy.

Let's talk about repercussions on society. Halloween. Scallywags, slags, and skankaloons alike will be puzzled at their options for costumes. Wonder Womans was always the fall back for girls that lacked creativity, had great bodies, or were just dumb as shit...or a combination of all of those. Seriously, what are the alternatives? Nurses are awesome, but when you see like 7 of them in a row, you only become mildly turned on by a nurse outfit at the end of the night.

So thanks bold artist who just changed like 75 years of normal shit.

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