Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Just Ron Artest Conducting His Own Interview

Dub Jeezy covered a bit of Ron Artest on the Dodgeball court the other day. Just when you thought WMD would take a break from revisiting his crazy antics he comes out with this shit. Ron Artest interviewing Ron Artest. The best part about this clip is that it's under the ESPN page. What better way for our most trusted sports network to add on to their Brett Favre and LeBron James coverage. So lets give a few highlights, and keep in mind that the more you watch the more and more confused you'll be.

First we learn that Ron's favorite movie is Titanic because "I was at a point where I just had my baby. Well leading up to the scene that hit me the most, when the baby was in the water, frozen...I was like, wow, that really happened and you know. I just love that movie...great movie."

Ron would most like to collaborate musically with Celine Dion because he was such a fan of her work on the Titanic Soundtrack. He just recently released his new single Champions. Take a listen, hopefully it's worth it. You think Lakers owner Jerry Buss could pull some strings and get Celine on the track?

Ron would like to visit Pluto over all other Planets so he can ice skate.

Ron is a math wiz (what the hell is going on). That was the best explanation I've ever heard for choosing a number. He still aspires to be a Junior High School Math teacher, which would certainly make for an entertaining class. Keep at it Ron, WMD is greatly appreciative.

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