Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Two Snookis Is Exponentially Worse Than One

^in honor of Jersey Shore: Season 2 starting tomorrow

So I guess this is the slag that is going to replace that steaming pile of bitch that was Angelina. I don't like it one bit. First off, aside from Snooki's failed attempts to get ass and getting stanky drunk, she really sucks. Next, she's exceptionally gross and roly-poly. I know I'm being harsh, but someone has to stop beating around the bush.

The key is to not bring in an exact clone of Snooki, but a polar opposite instead. Like a hot girl, that's cool, and gets tons of dudes, but is still a Guidette. Wait, that chick doesn't exist? Dammit. Well still, don't bring an exact replica of Snooki.

Same height, same look of undeserved entitlement, and undoubtedly the same odd but warranted love of pickles.

Those things are pretty good (no homo).

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