Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Friendly Q&A Between British Media and Tiger

Highlights from Today's British Open news conference...

Question: "Tom Watson has said you need to clean up your act on the golf course. He's gone on record. Many of us over the years have heard you use the F word, we've seen you spit on the course, and we've seen you throw tantrums like chucking your clubs around. Are you willing to cut out all those tantrums this week and respect the home of golf?"

Woods: "I'm trying to become a better player and a better person, yes."

Tiger's response to relations with Canadian doctor and steroid supplier Anthony Galea: "I can't go into any of that because of the fact that it's an open case so far."

Tiger's response to his impending divorce: "I'm not going to go into that."

BOOM! I see you overseas media dropping bombs with no regard on the best golfer in the world....It was nice to see the aggressive British reps at St Andrews really punch in and go to work. I appreciate the fact that there wasn't a clean cut ESPN columnist leading the flow of questions for once. The only thing that would've made LeBron's "Decision" worthwhile would be for the guys at the Open to conduct the interview. They would've had him crying changing his mind to re-sign with Cleveland on the spot

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