Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Dub J's "Decision"

When this moment happened to me, I knew what I had to do. Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt were immediately ringed to quickly schedule an ESPN 1-hour long special. The special of course, would be to find out what bar I am going to tonight.

There has been much speculation throughout the local media. A lot of he said/she said moments that I truly want to shed the light about. I’ve been around the city, hearing people chirping, “He only goes to bars that serve $2-$3 Bud Lights. He’s definitely hitting the local scene.” I have also heard, “Please, Dub J, gets paid on Thursdays and rent has been paid…the kid’s going to want to ball out.” While it is always interesting to hear the speculation, it’s best to hear what is going on from the man himself. Before I get into it, I’d like you all to focus on the advertisements that I have laid out specifically for this post. Don’t worry they all go to charity, so feel free to click them MULTIPLE times.

Many things have been true and many statements have been misleading, but 100%, truthfully, on the record, seriousness..I am going to go out to the bars tonight. That much is certain. And to that gentleman in the brown suit that speculated that I would be going to a fancy bar because I got paid, all I have to say to you is, you don’t know Dub “King” Jeezy that well. I will be attending the local bars tonight and the bar of choice will be “Flann O’briens.” I generally have a dece at best time there and the girls range in that gettable level of 5-7. They have somewhat cheap beers and are in close proximity of 7-Eleven and home.

Basically it was the only choice I had. I look forward to drinking at Flann’s tonight and I really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the entire event. It has meant a lot to me that the fans of WMD would start.

PS. I truly wish that really existed.

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