Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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The Power of Google Talk Part 2

There have been a few requests for updated Google Talk convos between Dub Jeezy and I as we kill the required 40 hours a week at our respective desks. The last list of gems highlighted web messenger freestyles, life counseling and dance floor strategies. So back in to the archives I went to collect another best of...hope you enjoy.

Craw: someone just brought out cake in the office
ive never been so pumped about surprise cake
chocolate with peanut butter ice cream
Dub J: nicee
Craw: just wolfed down at least 20% of that cake
Dub J: already?
Craw: well im eating it now
but i definitely took a slice that turned some heads

Dub J: a-crawford, selling tickets, and making things happen
cant get enough of it
Craw: Dub Jeezy, say you want the law - i got the INFO - presenting the facts and
getting - the - job - done
Dub J: Mark Jackson at his best

Craw: still got chills from "O"
Dub J: haha good flick
Craw: i wish i remembered the book
so i could match characters
Dub J: could still read it haha
Craw: haha nah
itd be great if it was an assignment though
Dub J: that would
a legit fun college assignment
Craw: "the human condition proves to be relevant no matter the era...blah blah...with the natural feelings of envy, love and raw emotion..."
Dub J: A+

Craw: still on the 15 minute text delay?
thats a huge pet peeve of mine, whenever a big question comes up
girls love to wait on it
Dub J: its currently at 4
it took me awhile to send it
Craw: yeah
i guess we do it too
you dont know she might be struggling on constructing a perfect response
or she just doesnt care at all
Dub J: yup
the wait
the mating dance

Dub J: just playing "billionaire" on repeat
praying that it happens to me
Craw: not gonna lie i played the lotto twice this week
Dub J: i need something to happen
just hope to hit a 2 million dollar jackpot
Craw: yup
dont have to do anything but cool shit for the rest of your life..

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