Thursday, July 29, 2010

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God Dammit

Yeah, I know I've titled like 19 posts "God Dammit", but it genuinely is not my fault. There is just SO much stupid shit out there it makes my head spin and my fingers consistently type my sentiment of God Dammit.

So, about this mindfuck of a picture here. It's a real life mousetrap constructed in New York City. While NYC is completely great and the best city in the world, it tends to do some odd stuff at times. I can understand the whole, "when you have it all, what else do you want" concept, but come on New York, I almost feel like you're just messing with me. Mousetrap was EASILY the worst game of all time. I never ever got to play it because I was so phased out of the process because I always lost the fucking trap. It ended up becoming a third tier bathtoy or some shit. Plus the mouse created A LOT of issues for my cat. As I was sweating with my dad struggling through the instruction manual, I could just see Garfield perched up on the couch just grillin' us clearly wondering what that red mouse was plotting. It made for a tense situation.

With that said, I'm completely down to be the mouse in New York City's version of "Mousetrap."

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