Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Parents Just Don't Understand

Will Smith said it right...Then he himself became a dad and this is what happened. Could be a first hand tale of the case that parents just don't understand (or maybe not, just more so wanted to link a pair of Will Smith videos). But anyway I'm about to take it a step further and say that kids now a days are dealing with a hell of a lot more than curfews and allowance disputes. In this day and age they're addressing more questions than ever and it's all technologies fault.

Gotta love the parents, but at what age do people decide to completely shut it down in regards to following all tutorials...I say 45-50. We have to take into account that recent inventions are automatically used improperly by anyone around this age and up. So how about a Top 3 list of things kids simply don't want to explain...

1) iTunes: I don't know about you but there's always an ipod/tunes issue at least once a month in the Craw household..."I just got my new Rod Stewart CD, think you could help me plug it into my computer?" Insert disk and upload music 30 seconds later..."oh thank god I've been stressing about that all day."

2) Controlling Facebook: I knew it would happen...
when old people get wind of facebook and use it poorly. Love the support but its somewhat embarrassing to post something on your wall to receive nothing but a thumbs up button from your mom and no one else. Still have aunts and uncles out there with no pictures up and writing on their own walls with the impression that I check everything. If I don't respond to these messages it becomes a long conversation and overall big mess at the next family reunion.

3) Other Ways of Communication: Facebook developing chat on the bottom right leaves a solid 9 different ways the rents can potentially reach me at work to ask if I want a red or blue fleece for Christmas...Texting creates a whole new ballgame. I always feel inclined to answer due to the fact that there was so much effort put into the 5 words typed on the other end.

So at what point will I not be able to figure shit out?

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