Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Prophecy Fulfilled

Ladies and Gentleman....Introducing the revamped Miami Heat

A while ago I had a revelation where I saw a direct correlation between LeBron James and Anakin Skywalker. Am I nuts or has King James been acting against the Jedi way? For those who don't follow Star Wars just bare with me. You may find this somewhat entertaining.

Revenge of the Sith primarily features Skywalker and his desire and need for greatness. He took every wrong turn possible to the point where his entire existence was completely altered to the powerful Darth Vader. Before learning the wonders of the Dark Side, Anakin was respected as one of the Jedi greats and viewed as the Chosen One. Because the council wouldn't grant him Jedi master, he grew mad while influenced by the Sith Lord Chancellor Palpatine (sorry to all true Star Wars fans for that garbage synopsis).

But anyway...before I had Chancellor Palpatine as Jay-Z to influence LeBron to join the New Jersey Nets. Tonight it's come to my attention that the real Sith Lord is Miami team president Pat Riley. The construction of the Death Star is now in full motion. Together James, D-Wade, Bosh and the 12 role player clones in place will battle together when the time is ripe while taking in all the endorsements. The main question is...who's ready to step up and bring balance to the force. Here's my prediction, but only time will tell.

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