Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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The 0:40 Second Mark Of The "Dolphin Tale" Trailer Is The Funniest Screenshot Of Recent Memory

Why so glum Morgan? A dolphin got his tail cut off in a freak accident? Damn, that sucks, but I'm pretty sure life goes on man. Wait, you're going to rebuild him? With a fucking prosthetic tail? First of all, that seems wrong from quite a few levels and secondly I think that'd actually be hilarious. A flimsy ass dolphin struggling to traverse the high seas getting shunned by all his dolphin friends would truly be a sight to see. But honestly Morgan, get it together dude. You're looking like a bitch because of a tail-less dolphin. Say that to yourself out loud and I guarantee you'll feel better.

Sweet play on words Dolphin Tale. It's funny because it's a story about a tail!

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