Monday, August 1, 2011

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Is Tar Baby The New Hot Racial Slur?

I've been trying to wrap my head around the term "Tar Baby" since this story came out. Being that it's 2011 and all, racist people probably need to step their game up with the creativity.

Risky play by this guy using a term popularized in 1881. Shit is dated, but he probably thought he can sneak it by people, which I can't knock. It's like using a joke from an obscure comedian among your group of friends and one dude calls you out. Doug Lamborn just messed up. Classic case, of the "Aww shitt" moment. Racist dudes are the worst at these. It's like watching a confused animal try to reason it's way out of a backed corner. Mitt Romney said, "He was just trying to describe a 'sticky' situation." Shhiiiitt. That's something I'd pull when I was a little kid and I'd get caught with Skinemax on. Saying some off the wall stuff like, "Remote froze it on that channel" or "I honestly don't know what porno is." Except I'm not a Congressman.

Does that mean white people are Marshmallow Fluff babies?

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