Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Some Weird Sites Are Linking To WMD

As the site's getting bigger and more popular, a lot of good things are starting to happen. Page views have risen, big websites are mentioning us, and people are liking what we're doing. Bad things are starting to happen too. Weird fucking websites are linking to us and it's making me think that people think my website may be something it's not. Let me explain.

Whenever I look at the analytics, I check on what sites link to us and try to build a relationship with them so it keeps happening. The other day I checked and saw that about 50 websites with "xxx" somewhere within them were just really fond of "A Working Man's Diary." Not the type of promotions I want. Is my site featured on the sidebar of sketchy porn sites? Can't have that. Another disturbing trend I've seen is the Russian love we're getting. I thought nothing of it a few months ago because if I can parlay that into a hot Russian girl that'd be awesome, but nope. I investigated and WMD is being coupled with those Faberge Russian eggs with like 25 portly chicks in them. That's potentially a worse look than the porn sites because there is nothing scarier than a well-crafted Faberge egg.

Porn and sketchy Russian egg sites? Is that secretly what WMD does?

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