Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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The Projected Robot Apocalypse Just Hit A Major Snag

Here I am thinking I have to learn how to wield a gun and gain 200 pounds of muscle for the inevitable robot apocalypse, when these two can't even have a reasonable conversation for 2 minutes.

With all due respect to these future killing machines, I'm pretty sure that's how every guy and girl argument goes. The guy gets backpedaled into a confusing conversational corner and all hell breaks lose. Hell I've probably said, "I'm a unicorn" in a few girlfriend arguments myself. Can't be sure of myself because I definitely blackout during those. Guys aren't meant to win these battles, human or robot.

With that said, I'm still doing occasional Wikipedia searches on Body Armor and putting in legitimate, borderline unnecessary work towards finding a real-life all weapons code. Molotov Cocktails all day.

shoutout to SR.

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