Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Diddy, Baron Davis, Russell Westbrook, And Kevin Love In Class?...What?

No idea where your 5-Star Trapper Keeper is Diddy, but this lecture looks like it's passing you by. I guess when the NBA goes on a lockout, my man Diddy sees that as an excuse to take a well deserved break himself. I mean, with all the work he's been doing with the Bad Boy label, putting out multiple successful artists, and blowing up the Sean John brand....wait a second. I haven't heard a song off the Bad-Boy label in like 4 years, Yung Joc. And Sean John fell out of the fashion game with throwback jerseys and Hypnotiq. Da fuck have you been doing man?

I'll tell you who has zero interest in getting any learning done in this picture and that's Russell Westbrook. Dude has one of those Minute Maid Apple Juice bottles that have like 3 ounces of juice less than what you actually want. He's gonna be thirsty in 15 minutes and strikes me as a guy that if he leaves class to get a drink, he's probably not coming back. Oh yeah can't forget Kevin "sun's out, gun's out" Love. I used to do that any day it was above 47 degrees in college because I'm a douchebag, so I can't knock it.

Baron Davis looking studious as a motherfucker. What a weird picture.

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