Thursday, August 25, 2011

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10 Years Later And "The Game Of Life" Is Crazy Depressing

Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Deceived. These are words that describe how I feel when I think back to what I expected out of the "Game of Life."

Look at that game board. Lies everywhere. Look top right and check the dude that appears to have just graduated college. No one has ever been that pumped to leave college, not even the losers and fat kids. I was literally in tears when they peeled me off my dorm room floor. Bitchassness on full display. Immediately next to the graduate you see potentially the most unrealistic image of all--the happy married couple. Obviously fictional. And while I liked that they sprinkled a black family in there, not everyone's driving convertibles. People are struggling in Camrys and Sonatas out here driving to their apartments, not their posh 1.4 million dollar home with a sick fucking patio.

Plus that game taught me nothing about insurance policies and rates. I just picked a card and I had 5.6% APR financing and shit was gravy. The game teaches kids that they can skip college, get a job as a waiter, somehow find a reasonably attractive pink gamepiece wife, work as a doctor, and live a pretty lavish lifestyle with no repercussions.

Yeah, didn't see that job-card on being an internet blogger or the one about having to attend bars 2-4 nights a week to find my pink gamepiece.

The Game of Life ruined my actual life.

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