Monday, August 15, 2011

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Guess They Can't Quite Get Their Pizza Right In Mississippi

This here is a story of commitment. David Schuler of Jackson, MS, spent his entire weekend en route to his favorite hometown pizza spot in Stoughton, MA. After putting in a solid 1,400 miles on the road, he returned with 150 frozen pies in his possession, racking up a $1,200 bill in the process.

It's easy to question the man's sanity but I actually support this kind of decision 100%. To be honest I find it a bit inspiring. A real Go-Getter, realizing that nothing is worth while unless he's stocked up with his choice za in the freezer. The real question at hand is what the hell are they doing in Mississippi where a dude will travel back east to drop G for a couple good slices.

Didn't exactly keep the blog on point while the boss was out on business. I was on vacation too, at least pretending to be. Wasn't quite Vegas. Just the every weekend sort of excuse to remain a shitshow youthful.

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