Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Yikes, They Actually Made This?!

Of all fantasy products I half-heartedly wanted to exist, a "Booty Sweat" energy drink was definitely in the top 5. But now that I see it's for real, I'm kind of weirded out.

Will people at the bars be ordering Booty Sweat Vodkas? It just doesn't sound right, and would definitely ruin all the game you were spitting on that chick in case she doesn't know what you're talking about. Too many risks, not many rewards. It should have died when the credits of "Tropic Thunder" concluded, but alas, money is money.

If you don't think I'm scouring eBay for a 96 pack of Booty Sweat for night caps after the bar, you are outside yo mind.

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