Monday, August 1, 2011

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Struggling To Find The Point Behind "Glow In The Dark" Dogs

Umm, what? The only legitimate purpose I see for this is to make sure you don't trip over your pup during a late night bathroom trip, which is arguably the dog's fault. If they can't hear you stumbling towards them with their supersonic ears, then I adamantly say, fuck your tail.

The wannabee baller side of me does want this dog though. I want one exactly like I wanted that glow in the dark Vortex football that John Elway was throwing 300 yard bombs with. It'd suck for the dog though because the novelty of that football wore off after a couple wounded ducks tossed into neighbors windows/cars. I probably got off a solid 15 passes with that thing. What's that in "caring for a dog" time? Like, 3 weeks? Novelty will wear off pretty quick.

Fantastic name options though. Lite-Brite came to mind first for a girl dog. Is that gay?

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