Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Can I Hook Up With A D-List Celebrity In Las Vegas?

This is a legitimate question because I honestly think I can do it. At this point in my blogging "career", WMD has done surprisingly well, hitting a wide range of audiences that even brought about a ridiculous scenario where I wrote about Dubai fucking something up and having a dude FROM Dubai immediately comment, defending his country. Crazy stuff. Based solely off that one scenario, I will go ahead and upgrade myself to G-List Celebrity.

The letter G isn't that far from D in the english alphabet, especially if you're on your homerow-swag like I am right now. Now say I'm at some swank Vegas nightclub, dominating bottle-service and canoodling with Svedka promo girls, and some D-List shitball like Kathy Griffin rolls by and gives me the ol' up-down eye glance. I have to do it right? Despite the fact that with my contacts out and a solid drunk going, Kathy G. is always going to be a 3.8, I have to do it. Vegas is riddled with D-Listers aka, failed reality TV stars and semi-popular gameshow contestants. Next thing you know, they meet up and coming internet-celeb Dub Jeezy and think, "Hey, maybe this will give my career a boost?" You never know.

If this happens, the phrase, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" gets thrown out the window and my next 34 blogs would be dedicated to "that time I kicked Kathy Griffin out of my bed in the morning."

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  1. CW said... August 11, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    Nah, D-Listers are desperate for the upscore, you've got a much better chance with a B-lister who's secure with their spot in life, but not catch A-list hook-ups.

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