Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Just Watch The First 3 Minutes Please

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Under normal circumstances I would never post a 9 minute video because there has never been a 9 minute video on the internet worth my time, but this may be an exception. The first three minutes of this video may be some of the greatest footage ever captured and restored.

First off, I completely forgot about floppy disks. My brain just decided to sweep that shit under the rug when more important/relevant things had to be learned. Secondly and most importantly, MC Digital Protector up here absolutely kills it. Dude just invades their computer screen and starts imparting his views on these two teenagers clearly trying to get their Oregon Trail swerve on. Straight spiel after spiel until these kids undoubtedly just shut off the computer and start hooking up. His entire game has to be his outfit. If you want to grab my attention during a floppy disk/digital rights related rap, you better be wearing a leather fedora. That shit must weigh six pounds.

I wish this happened when I downloaded Kazaa/Bearshare/Ares/Limewire. Some hipster singing some alternative emo-track about how I'm taking Lars Ulrich's money or some shit. Just the first 3 minutes please.

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