Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Pretty Sure I Look Like A Dick In Roughly 98% Of My Facebook Pictures

Really, man? Put your god damn finger down you asshole. What do you want people to think of you when they accept your friend request? Guaranteed they hate you based on this picture alone. Funny part is, there's at least 200 exact replicas of this picture strewn throughout your entire album in case this one wasn't enough. Some people have 11 beers and have a good time, not you. You have 11 beers, get a weird squint in your left eye that shows clear intoxication, and think that you're entitled enough to point at people. Nope.

Everyone around you seems to be having fun, but you seem shitfaced and annoying. If I went into this picture neutral, I came out with no respect for you. How do you think that person felt when they tagged your picture? "Check out this dickhead waving that flaccid index finger around!" If I were your employer and saw this picture, I'd fire you and call the cops to make sure you couldn't infect others with whatever asshole gene you have. Looking glossy as a motherfucker too.

Is that a neon red plastic band around your neck? Yikes, dude.

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    workingmansdiary@gmail.com for groupie love

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