Monday, April 23, 2012

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Carlton Banks Has Fallen On HARD Times

This was possibly the worst thing Alfonso Ribiero could have been videotaped doing. I'd rather he get caught doing cocaine off a prostitute's back with a heroin needle in his arm before I see him doing the Carlton dance again.

You don't see Will Smith egregiously hitting on women in hilarious fashion anymore. Whoever played Geoffrey isn't talking in a British accent. Hilary popped up in a few movies and Ashley got into music and then became a whore. No one is resting on their Fresh Prince laurels except you, bro.

You look kinda jacked, which is to be expected since you've been "off" for literally 15 years. Maybe parlay that into a workout DVD that'll have modest, yet respectable sales. Get a hobby. Create a competitive cooking item that can compete with George Foreman's grill. I don't know what you need to do, but I know you don't need to be organizing a nationwide "Carlton Dance" when you should be fielding interviews from BET sitcoms.

Will, please extend a hand to ya boy and throw him a bit role as an alien in that new Men in Black.

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