Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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Guys, I Don't Think Marshmallow The Kitten Is Okay

When you have a permanent sad expression on your face, an oblong head, and are barely able to walk, the general public moves from "that's adorable" to "is he okay?"

Seriously though, is Marshmallow ok? I thought I was diving into an adorable video about a newborn kitten trying to figure out it's way in this world. Then I found out it was a month old. A month old is when a kitten starts being worthwhile and awesome, not feeble and quivery.


-"Marshmallow was born on March 1st with low birth weight"
-"At this point, we're just thankful that she's made it through the first month. What a blessing she is."

Well, I feel like an asshole. No lower place in this world than picking on a feeble, low-birth-weighted kitten that can't properly regulate it's temperature.

The least I can do is link to Marshmallow's website after such a treacherous act of fuckery. My bad.

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