Thursday, April 26, 2012

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"Farewell Intercourse Law" Allows Egyptian Dudes To Have Sex With Their Wives For Up To Six Hours After They Died

We now know what Mike Rowe's next "Dirty Job" is going to be. While the position of Egyptian Necrophilia Time Analyst sounds sneaky baller and moderately lucrative, I can't imagine anything worse than being the guy that has to monitor a posthumous humping. No lower low than that.

And who was the government official that stamped that one 'approved?' That guy has to be a real piece of work to go through the thought process of, "Six hours really is the perfect post-death sex timeframe." Disgusting. Egypt needs to clean it up from roughly every possible angle. When shit's not exploding and making headlines on CNN every second, dudes are flopping around on their dead wives.

Just do what we all do, fellas: go on "incognito" mode on Google Chrome, light a few candles, and get weird.

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