Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Friends Ask Dub: "Are Boy-Bands Back?"

I wish I had more hands, so I can give these boy bands more thumbs down. All I see are 14 dudes that I can beat up.

So apparently we are going to war with bands named: One Direction, The Wanted, and Hot Chelle Rae. Yikes. These aren't names I can rally behind. Backstreet Boys? They kept you wondering what "back street" they were from. N'Sync? Hilarious play on words. 98 Degrees? Human regulatory temperature. All quality names. Back in the day, we had stars in the making. Future crack addict Nick Carter was a legitimate beast in the boy band scene. All he did was take over tracks and don the windy white button up with the best of them. Then there was Justin Timberlake. Before he lost his mind and started making terrible movies, he was in the booth making love to microphones and headphones nationwide. I'm pretty sure the physical FutureSex LoveSounds CD was able to date any chick it wanted.

None of these kids give off that charisma. Here are my top 3 least favorite of the entire bunch.

3) Third picture, all the way on the right: Pretty sure it took HOURS of photoshop work to mask that ugly mug. (sick rose tat)

2) TIE--First picture, first guy to the right with the Bruno Mars hair AND First picture, all the way on the left with the suit jacket on: Bruno Mars already happened and people didn't enjoy it. And if you're going to rock a crude-color-schemed suit jacket, at least be on the same page with the band bro.

1) Second picture, second guy from left: self explanatory. There's something really terrible to be said about a guy that wears a tank-top to an awards show.

Answer: No, boy bands aren't back.

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