Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Introducing What Has Been Deemed The "Most Offensive Picture" Ever

I got nothin'. This is accurate as shit. I've never been much of a Nickleback hater, because I just chose not to listen, but everything else is spot the fuck on.

1) As soon as the credits rolled in "Face-Off", Nic Cage's career effectively ended. If you liked National Treasure, you're just lying to yourself. And as soon as you start making MULTIPLE movies featuring yourself with a flaming head, it's a wrap.

2)I don't think anything has disrupted my life quite like Internet Explorer. Whether it was thousands of pop-ups, "waiting for _______" to load, or just being unable to find the address bar, there were almost infinite problems to deal with. You'll always remain as my sneaky, incognito do-weird-shit browser, but I will always hate you.

3)Someone told me that Crocs were edible one day and for years I believed that crock (pun intended) of shit. Once I found out they weren't the ultimate edible, plastic survival shoe, I quickly gave up on them. Plus they look absolutely ridiculous.

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