Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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I Can't Wait Til I'm Old And Get To Inexplicably Shoot Pools

Like I always say, if you're a senile old man with Coby "soundproof" headphones on and a sour demeanor, it's completely fine to shoot the pool with your pre-Civil Rights era pistol.

To say I can't wait to be old is an absolute understatement. Screaming absolute nonsense at blades of grass, making impossible demands to everyone, and shooting pools like a bawse. The only thing that'll happen is just your run of the mill, "Oh, that's just Grampa being Grampa."

When I'm 89 years old blogging to you assholes incoherently, you're going to have to expect some "Grampa shooting the pool" moments out of me. Just say, "Oh look, Dub posted a blank post with no picture or words. That's so cute.", click "unfunny", and be on your way.

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