Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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A Dude Drank Some Gasoline, Followed It Up With A Cigarette And Exploded

We've all been there. Every day when I come home, I see a half-drunk bottle of Gatorade from one of my roommates that I always debate drinking. 99% of the time it's regular Gatorade, but that other 1% is a fucking disaster. Could be mixed with alcohol, be solely backwash, or just be disgustingly old.

In this guy's case, he saw a jar in the kitchen that was a 50/50 ball--the tails end of the coin just happened to be pure gasoline. Now my first rule of thumb is: don't drink out of a fucking jar. It's 2012, hit up Target for some multi-colored tumblers on the cheap. Secondly, there shouldn't be readily available gasoline sitting on the kitchen counter, since that shit just doesn't make sense. Then you go ahead and put that shit in your mouth like you didn't smell the gasoline before it hit your lips? Yikes. Any normal stupid dude would have just said, "Boy, I got egg on my face there. Time to go wash my mouth out." Nope, not this guy. He wasn't going to let any weak-ass gasoline stop him from his cigarette break. Stared an explosive chemical reaction in the face, said, "Fuck you", and blew up like a boss. Like nerdy science mumbo-jumbo was going to hold this renegade back.

In an odd way, I respect his stubbornness.

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  1. Anonymous said... May 3, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    A new leson pay atenchon to what you drink but i was wetting myself with larthter after i red this

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