Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Genuinely Excited About "Juggalobook"--The Juggalo Version Of Facebook

Obviously I went on the website and tried to build a profile immediately after finding out this information. Before I could officially sign up and commence poking weird juggalo chicks, I needed to fit in with the other jugga-bros. In my 35 second brief Google research I determined there is a definitive link between the Insane Clown Posse and clowns. Like the good social researcher I am, I dolled up my current Facebook picture so I can really get my Juggalo account off the ground:

After some of the most crass and irresponsible use of Microsoft Paint imaginable, I think I'm ready. Give me two weeks and I guarantee I'll be the most juggalo'd out dude on the site. Inviting people to balloon animal-related events. Get tagged in some photos of me and like 15 other juggalos fitting into an ironically small car. I don't know, I may spray some bitches with my flower water gun attached to my suit. A whole new world of opportunity available to us average Facebook creepers. Get involved or get left behind.

PS. Somewhere Mark Zuckerberg takes a stiff shot of something disgusting.

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