Monday, March 26, 2012

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Introducing Krandel Newton, The "Butt Sketcher"

After all these long, difficult years, it is finally cool to work in the ass-drawing business.

I've been waiting for the proper motivation to hop off the typical workday Microsoft Office lifestyle and dive into my true passion (hint: it's not blogging). It's asses. This is me extending my hand to join you and your ridiculous name in creating some of the most realistically flattering ass depictions of all time. While I have almost zero drawing talent, my eye for a quality rump is second to none. I'm pretty sure that I've pulled muscles in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a great butt.

For the moment, all I truly need is a Butt Sketch poster..and like 5 large Butt Sketch t-shirts. After that we can begin to discuss getting me into this industry. My one fear is the undoubtedly creepy stuff that has to be on my resume. I'm confident that I'm qualified, but if I have to take a certification exam, I'll go the extra lengths. May even retake high school drawing just to ensure my pimp hand is strong.

All in all, I just want my LinkedIn profile to say I'm a "Butt Sketcher."

^can't knock it. Krandel draws some defined butts.

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