Sunday, March 18, 2012

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And Here's Fabolous And Kevin Hart Making $28,000 Rain At An Atlanta Strip Club

This is NOT what I thought "making it rain" would look like. Shit looks like a cluster-fuck. Strippers slipping on wet dollar bills, Fab in the bottom left texting and looking completely disinterested, and a dude undoubtedly screaming like someone dunked in an AND-1 game.

Way too many visible Washingtons present in this photograph. Ever accidentally spill everything out of a three-hole punch? Absolute catastrophe. This is that in rapper-form. Granted, I'll be down there in the scrum with all the strippers and posse stragglers, but I'm a common folk that routinely picks up any form of money off the ground that's not a penny.

Making it rain sounds like a messy process. Completely understand where Adam "Pac-man" Jones was coming from.

Pic from TMZ

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